Step By Step Process on How to Write a Review on Tripadvisor

Step By Step Process on How to Write a Review on Tripadvisor

You may be thinking of reviewing the trip you just made. Well, it is always a fantastic idea to share and let others know if the travel is worthy or not! Among many platforms all over the internet, Tripadvisor is one that is quite popular and well recognized. So how do you drop your valuable insight to the website? Well, it is fairly straightforward.

Nevertheless, let’s make it easier for you and give you a detailed process on how to write a review on Tripadvisor. For your convenience, we are sharing illustrations as well.

Ways to Write a Review on Tripadvisor (Both Website And App) 

So, you can write a review using their website which can be accessed using a browser from both computer and mobile. Reviews can also be written from the designated Tripadvisor App for mobile. 

Steps to follow when reviewing from the website: 

1.Open the website.Start with opening the website from a browser.

Ways to Write a Review on Tripadvisor


2.Find options for Reviewing.Find the icon write a review on the upper portion or the plus icon that says post placed on the top right corner. 

Clicking on the post icon, you will get two options from where you will have to choose write a review

3.Add your trip destination.In this step, you will be redirected to a page where you may find a list of places you have visited. However, if you do not find the place you want to review, you have to add it.     

To add it to the list, you have to input the correct name and the destination of the place on the search bars situated on the upper portion of the page.

4.Start the review process.Start with giving a rating. Few text boxes will appear at this point. Give a title that is small and catchy. Now in the next text box, write your experience in detail.

You also have to input the month you visited the place. Finally, before pressing the submit button, check the box to agree and give your consent to the terms.  

give ratings

5.Get Logged In. When you click submita box will appear for you to log in. It is must you log in before you can successfully send your review. There are three options. Either you choose your Google account or your Facebook account or an email address. When you use Google or Facebook account, you do not have to input your information again for the website. 

However, when you plan to use an email address, you have to give your information to open an account in the website and thus get logged in. 

6.Steps to follow when reviewing from the website: 

1.Open the App. Start with downloading the Tripadvisor App. Once downloaded enter. You have to follow a process to log in to the App. 


Here again, you can use either Google or Facebook account or an email address. 

You can also choose the language you want to use for the App. 

2.Enter the homepage of App. 

Once you are on the homepage, find the plus button at the bottom corner. Click on it and find the option that says write review. 

  1. Find the place you visited. 

Once you select the option write reviewa page will appear with search bars on top. On the search bars write the name of the place and the location. Make sure you give the correct information

  1.  Start the Reviewing Process. 

When you find the right place, click on it, and you will be taken to a page where you can start the review process. 


First, start with giving a rating.


In the next text box, write in detail about your trip. 

Then give a small yet attractive title. If you want, you could add a photo. It is not mandatory, though. 


You are also required to input the month you visited. All other points are optional. 


Finally, press the submit button placed on the top right corner. A dialogue box will appear which asks for your consent. So press agree if you admit to their terms.


In this process now you may be redirected to a page with surveying questions. When you are done click continue to finish reviewing.

survey question 2

We have made an effort to make the processes on How to write a review on Tripadvisor easy with detailed instructions and images. Hopefully, you could follow the steps and also give a review on places you have visited. By reviewing you are not only sharing your ideas but helping others to judge the place before they make the trip. 


From how to write a review on Tripadvisor article, you would find simple steps which you can follow to write a review successfully on the Tripadvisor website. The steps are illustrated for both the website and the App version. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is it possible to find places from any country?

Ans: Yes. If you correctly input the address and name of the place, it will come. 

2.What if I fail to find my desired place in the list?

Ans: You can add a new place that is not on their list with proper location and name. 

3How long will it take to appear my review on the page?

Ans: As soon as you write the review, it will appear on your profile page. However, to publish the review for the website and the users a few hours (more than 48hrs) may require.  

4.Is it possible to write a review without getting logged in to the web page?

Ans: NO, you must log in to Tripadvisor website to successfully submit your review.

5.What platforms could I use to do a successful login? 

Ans: You can either choose a new mail or create an account. Or, you can also use your existing Google or Facebook account to log in to Tripadvisor.

6.Can I post a photo along with my review?

Ans: Yes, you can. There is an option that allows you to post photos of the places you made your trips.

7.What are the minimum words could I write for a review?

Ans: From the website, you can write 200 words at least. And in the mobile App, you are entitled to write 100 words at least. 

8.Is it mandatory to add a photo?

Ans: No, it is optional. Again, you are only required to give your input to the information that says required. 

9.Can I change the interface of the website to my native language?

Ans: Well, Tripadvisor allows several different languages from different continents. However, you may not find all existing languages. 

10.From where I can change the language?

Ans: In the website, find the option to change the language at the bottom right corner. In the App, you can change the language from the settings. Again, when you first enter using the App, you will be asked to select your language preference. 

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