How to ask a question on TripAdvisor

How to ask a question on TripAdvisor

Nowadays, you don’t have to go to several travel agency offices and waste your time listening to their packages and other pressurizing conversations to decide. TripAdvisor has made this process so easy for all the travelers around the world that you can now just know everything about your next travel destination by visiting and scrolling a few pages of its website or app. You’ll find here hundreds of companies each providing services for different categories so that you can have everything while traveling to somewhere. Companies have their business profile with all the information and packages and the reviews of other people, which is the central theme of TripAdvisor. Although it may happen that you’ve to ask a question on the website about your query, which is really easy and anyone can do that.

Before asking a question

First, you’ve to sign-in on the TripAdvisor’s website by providing a few information. You can do that with their app also. And then you’ll see an option on the side named TripAdvisor Forum Page, where you’ve to click and post your question. But before doing that, it’s better to know the guidelines and rules for posting a question so that your query doesn’t go against the community standard. So here’s the things to consider before posting a question on the forum.


Whatever you ask on the forum you can’t attack or try to impersonate with neither the other members nor staff of the website. And if your query reflects something like that, your posted question will be removed.


The forum is only for the general members and their authentic, willingly opinions. No business or transaction-related information is allowed there. No questions that represent of getting something in return is also forbidden on the forum. Spamming is also restricted. No one can aggressively disrespect other members of companies there. Also, no business or owners can recommend themselves or share any experience directly with other customers. And only genuine queries are welcomed. Any violation of these things will result in the removal of your question.

Easy to Read

Try to write in a language and in a manner that’ll easier for other members to read or follow. Forum is usable by everyone. No one can just post anything that is only towards a specific person or group.

How do I find my reviews on TripAdvisor

Steps for asking a question

Step-1: After signing in, go to the TripAdvisor Forum page.

Step-2: You can use their QuickLinks to reach to popular forums such as Italy or Brazil directly or use their “Browse by destination” option to browse to a specific destination category of your preference – such as Nepal, Kathmandu.

Step-3: You’ll find an option named “Recommended Deals: Nepal.” And then you’ll see a green toolbar called “Paris Forum.” Below that toolbar, a “Search in” option will appear along with a dark blue button named “Post a New Topic.”

Step-4: Now, to post your question, click on the “New Topic” option, and then click on the submit button. And your query is now posted on the TripAdvisor website for everyone to see.

Step-5: You can also mark the Notify me by email option so that you’ll get notified whenever someone replies to your query.

Bottom Line

TripAdvisor is an online social community of almost 490 million users worldwide. The primary purpose of this website is to provide authentic and genuine reviews of each customer. That’s why it has zero tolerance for making this community as positive as possible. That’s why before asking a question, make sure that your tone is polite and you’re demanding for some fruitful queries.

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