How do I find my reviews on TripAdvisor

How does TripAdvisor Work?

How does TripAdvisor Work?

In the world of travel agencies and their services, TripAdvisor brought a revolutionary change. Founded in 2000, an online portal for providing reviews for all kinds of services regarding travel has become the largest travel community around the world. You can just get any type of information about a place you’re willing to travel, such as accommodation, restaurants, flight schedules, transportation, etc. facilities and a Things to do section as well to find about the fun things the place has to offer. TripAdvisor is also a platform where businesses can generate a considerable amount of marketing, traffic, and popularity by listing themselves and showing their information and reviews. Popular brands like Business Insider, National Geographic, PopSugar, and The Knot, etc. are also providing their contents to this website. But why TripAdvisor is getting this much hype? How this website actually works?

What TripAdvisor offers?

Before planning a trip, whether for vacation or work tours, people usually do some research by visiting numerous travel sites, which wastes lots of time and creates confusion, TripAdvisor has come to reduce the pain. In its website, you’ll find all of those websites together with their information and reviews, which you had to search manually before. It’s one kind of social sharing app where people can share and know each other’s opinions and experiences. TripAdvisor has almost 500 million reviews provided by nearly 315 million people.

TripAdvisor brings information from almost all sources, such as businesses, travel channels, influencers, brands, etc. For instance, if you type a destination such as Switzerland, you will see all kinds of information such as how to reach there, where to stay, what to eat, what to do, etc. and numerous videos and pictures of those destinations. You’ll even find critics articles as well.

TripAdvisor for Customers

Get the Expert Travel Planner

TripAdvisor works as a personal travel agent, with personalized suggestions and services. The way you use this website, such as the reviews you read, the posts you follow, the pictures and destinations you watch frequently, the brands you love, etc. are tracked by TripAdvisor. And based on those, it recommends and suggests you what could be your next travel destinations, what offers are now going on and many more. You get the exact flavor you want.

Instant Booking

To improve customer experience on TripAdvisor’s website or app, it has launched a new user interface where a person can instantly book anything with one click. Before TripAdvisor used to redirect a customer to another website of a particular business, the customer wishes to book. But it is sometimes irritating. But now customers can do their research on the site and book their preferred choice at the same time on the same page.

Co-Plan trip with friends

TripAdvisor isn’t only about sharing and getting reviews. It gives a customer to plan his/her own travel plan privately with other members on the website. Suppose you want to make a travel plan with your friends. You can use the Trips tab option and create, edit a plan with your friends, which only you and your friends can access.

Trip Advisor for Business

Helps to capture hard-to-reach customers

It’s not easy to catch high-profile customers if you’re not a known business. Also, nowadays, people are not anymore gets attracted by lucrative offers; they demand authenticity. These kinds of customers can be easily captured through TripAdvisor by showing the reviews of the business and trying to appear on those people’s search results.

Promote your Brand

TripAdvisor is a great place for marketing. It gives businesses to get benefitted by online word of mouth and brand awareness. The more business offers excellent services and gathers positive reviews; the more business will get the privilege of getting ranked up on the search results and user preferences. But obviously, the ranking is based on quantity, quality, and recency. With 795 million reviews that are available on this website, which is also increasing every day, you can get a free advertisement on TripAdvisor for your business.

Get Direct Bookings with fewer commission fees

Viator, which is one of the top tours and activities prodder used to take 25% commission on the sales price. But now it’s owned by TripAdvisor and known as TripAdvisor Experience, which charges a flat 20% commission fee. Although, it can be customized depending on the pricing you set. That’s why it’s getting trendy among businesses to get fewer commission charges with direct booking facilities.

Bottom Line

TripAdvisor is like another social media but only for the travel community. It made traveling activities more feasible than ever. Here you can find and choose your suitable travel preferences without any pressure from a travel agent. Businesses also get the customer base they want.

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