How do I find my reviews on TripAdvisor

How do I find my reviews on TripAdvisor

Tour and trips are one of the most thrilling things for everyone. But going to a place for the first time is intimidating as well. It is quite obvious that you won’t have any idea about how to go, where to stay, what to do, etc.

And nowadays, there are plentiful options for each category; we get puzzled about what to choose. And in the virtual world, it’s really tough to trust a company just by seeing their website, offer, and packages. But nothing’s to worry about those things anymore. Because now the world has the most prominent travel community with almost 859 million reviews from people all over the world about their travel experiences and preference.

And that is TripAdvisor. Here people can freely share their experience, engage with other people, browse different companies’ services, and travel news from popular travel channels, influencers, and magazines.

Millions of users enthusiastically share their reviews on the website. As a result, sometimes, it gets a little crowded with all the reviews, and many of the users feel it difficult to find their own reviews! But don’t worry today you’re going to know how to find your reviews on TripAdvisor.

Finding your own review

Finding your review is very easy and straightforward. But still, many of you may not find it due to TripAdvisor’s numerous other exciting activities, so here’s how you can do that.

Step-1: First, you’ve to sign in to your TripAdvisor account.

Step-2: After signing in, you’ll have an avatar of yours and your name below the avatar. You’ve to click on the name and enter into your profile.

Step-3: After going to your profile, you’ll see there’s a left-hand column named reviews. You’ve to click there, and you’ll find all the reviews you’ve given from the beginning.

One thing to remember!

We understand that you may get curious about what you’ve posted a long time ago and suddenly feel an urge to find that and know what others have replied to your review. But remember one thing that after you’ve posted your review and finding it after a long time or right after you’ve posted, no matter how much you want, the review can’t be edited.

The only thing you can do is remove the review and again post something else. For that, you’ve to clock on delete the review, and TripAdvisor will remove it after a while, and you’ll get notified about the action. That’s why it’s better to submit a review only after being sure about that.

Bottom Line

Posting reviews on TripAdvisor is almost the same as posting something on other social media websites. But as people are here to find useful reviews of others’ experiences, the TripAdvisor authority expects genuine and fruitful reviews and questions. That’s why make sure to post something which doesn’t go against the community standard.

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